Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Benton Bullies Kaylin

You always have to wonder how low he'll stoop, but Falls Church News-Press "Owner-Editor" Nicholas Benton unleashed a crude ad hominem attack on City Council Member Ira Kaylin in last week's editorial.  As usual, Benton includes a dozen or so unintended ironies.  The best is his intense scorn for all bankers everywhere.  Apparently Kaylin used to be a banker, we are told.

Of course, Benton elsewhere has proudly noted that bankers served a useful purpose some 20 years ago when he needed seed money for his startup newspaper.  Back then, he gathered a dozen or so postcards from members of the local Chamber of Commerce and used them for collateral for a bank loan.  So, by his logic, I guess that makes Benton a pliable tool both of the business community and of Wall Street. Wouldn't that make him worse than what he accuses Kaylin of?

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