Saturday, November 14, 2015

Benton Moves to Protect Tom Clinton, Rehabilitate Phil Duncan

After Phil Duncan won re-election -- barely -- to the Falls Church City Council, Nick Benton moved quickly just a week later to print a favorable fluff piece on him and Democratic Commissioner of the Revenue Tom Clinton.  Both officials, along with Benton, are friends of convicted serial child molester Michael Gardner and are unrepentant in using their elective offices to bully the judicial branch into granting Gardner leniency in sentencing.

Clinton and Duncan are portrayed in the article as ostensibly doing a good deed in cleaning up political signage, but as the article points out, many candidates like to pick up their own signs and save roughly $8 a pop when they run for re-election.  You can see below that Clinton is preventing several candidates, among them -- just by coincidence, we are sure -- Duncan's political enemies, from realizing that savings. 

Next week in the News-Press:  Phil Duncan adopts a kitty from a shelter for abused animals.  "It's the right thing to do," says Duncan. 

Photo credit:  Falls Church News-Press

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Falls Church Council Member Phil Duncan Ousted at Polls; Tom Clinton Next

Voters soundly tossed out Falls Church Council Member Phil Duncan in the City election on Tuesday, November 3rd. Many cited his unapologetic stance in support of convicted child molester Michael Gardner.

Phil Duncan was further done in by his smarmy interview with WUSA, in which he tried to hide behind his cat.  One critic said, "it was if he thought the kitty would humanize him.  Ugh."  Exit polling showed many voters held the sentiment that he "didn't get it."  Numerous citizens with "We Support the Girls" signs in their yards said he was tone deaf when it came to the issue of abuse of women and girls. 

Some 63 percent said that Duncan should have withdrawn from the race. A resounding 87 percent say he should resign immediately. Duncan says he has "technically committed no crime."

City activists have now trained their sights on Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue Thomas Clinton (D). In that same interview on WUSA, Clinton ducked legitimate questions about his judgment and stonewalled on whether it was proper to use his status as an elected official to sway the judicial branch's sentencing of Democratic insider Michael Gardner.

Citizens are overwhelmingly calling for Tom Clinton's resignation too. Clinton has maintained his characteristic silence, relying on Democratic pal and mouthpiece Nicholas F. Benton to slant the news in his favor in the City's only "newspaper of record."

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nicholas Benton's Letter Supporting Child Molester Michael Gardner

Falls Church News-Press "Owner-Editor" Nicholas F. Benton wrote the following letter below (as reported by the Falls Church Post) in support of convicted child molester Michael Gardner

The full set of letters is a Who's Who of Falls Church Democratic elite, and this one is no exception.  Benton's coverage of the sad case of Michael Gardner was slanted from the start, with a slew of allegations that the charges should never have been filed.  

Gardner has confessed to the original crimes, and since this letter was written, he has confessed to even more sexual crimes against children.  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tom Clinton's Letter Supporting Child Molester Michael Gardner

Falls Church City Commissioner of the Revenue Tom Clinton (D.) wrote the letter below (as reported by the Falls Church Post) in support of convicted child molester Michael Gardner.  

It's worrisome whenever an elected official tries to use the weight of his office to sway the judicial branch.  Mr. Clinton makes a point of doing so in the first sentence.  

On the upside, he doesn't try to claim that Gardner was incapable of the crimes (cough, cough, as did Phil Duncan).  So on that count, at least Mr. Clinton is on the right side of history.

The Gardners (Mike and his wife) and Clinton are all unabashedly part of the Falls Church Democratic Party elite.  They circled the wagons and fought to the end.  Their trust was misplaced.  

Now voters need to decide whether their trust in Mr. Clinton is warranted.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Phil Duncan's Letter Supporting Child Molester Michael Gardner

Falls Church City Council Member Phil Duncan wrote the letter below (as reported by the Falls Church Post) in support of convicted child molester Michael Gardner.  

As Mr. Duncan says, he never saw "anything" that could "hint at the possibility that [Gardner] could be capable of the offense for which he was convicted."  

Michael Gardner freely confessed to those crimes -- and others against more children -- later, making clear that Mr. Duncan's judgment was misplaced.

Mr. Duncan is running again for City Council.  Good judgment will certainly be on the minds of many voters as they select among the candidates.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Falls Church's United Methodist Church and Rent-a-Car

Christ Crossman United Methodist Church, at Washington and Columbia Streets, has found a continuing stream of revenue from its largely unused parking lot.  Previously, it rented out space on the Q.T. to the construction company building the nearby apartments.

Now it's using its ample tax-exempt parking lot as a full-scale satellite facility for the Hertz rental car location down the street.

This is a questionable linkage that deprives Falls Church City taxpayers of a generous stream of revenue.  There is also a notable lack of comment about the financial arrangement on the Church's website.

To get your car, turn left at the church.

Christ Crossman Church and Rental Agency

Longtime residents will recall that this brings to mind Rosslyn's Our Blessed Lady of Exxon, at yet another United Methodist Church.  But that deal was so blatant that it must have been approved by The Powers That Be.  This one in the back lot of a church raises a lot of questions.  There are three parking lots closer to the Hertz office than Christ Crossman, so clearly someone's getting a good financial deal -- and it's not the taxpayers.

Photo credit:  Washington Post

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Garages of Falls Church

Falls Church City used to have nice, moderate-sized houses on nice, moderate sized lots.  Developers are now tearing down those houses and putting up long, narrow garages that people live above.  This one, below, has charming faux stonework.  There is actually a tiny pedestrian door to the right, by the two mini shrubs.  The most prominent feature of this house, though, is the vinyl garage door with faux walnut stain.  

There goes the neighborhood!

And the house's twin is going up next door.  Looks like it will have the much-coveted "jutting out double-length garage with tiny study on top."  I'm sure it'll be snapped up soon.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Falls Church Taco Bell -- Crime and Trash

Long time residents recall the great controversy surrounding the arrival of Taco Bell in Falls Church.  All the old folks were worried about crime and trash.  Taco Bell management promised a "trash squad" that would regularly patrol the area.  

A decade later, the old folks turned out to be right.  There was the attempted homicide in the Taco Bell parking lot that was -- and continues to be -- the City's most violent incident in living memory.  

Now, with the restaurant's cosmetic makeover (they added a "handle" to the roof), Taco Bell has removed all trash cans outside, inviting patrons to throw their trash anywhere they like.  Many patrons dump their trash on City streets.  

So much for being a partner with the Falls Church Community, Taco Bell.  

Unsuspecting Patron Enters Taco Bell

Now!  New and Improved!  With Handle!

"I'd like Meal Number 4, Hot Bullets Doritos Locos"

Monday, February 9, 2015

Two-alarm Incident at the Pancake House

Two Falls Church City Police cars -- outside of City limits -- on a recent Saturday morning.  I'm sure they were on their own time, but it still doesn't look good.

Lazy Saturday in Fairfax County