Saturday, February 14, 2015

Falls Church Taco Bell -- Crime and Trash

Long time residents recall the great controversy surrounding the arrival of Taco Bell in Falls Church.  All the old folks were worried about crime and trash.  Taco Bell management promised a "trash squad" that would regularly patrol the area.  

A decade later, the old folks turned out to be right.  There was the attempted homicide in the Taco Bell parking lot that was -- and continues to be -- the City's most violent incident in living memory.  

Now, with the restaurant's cosmetic makeover (they added a "handle" to the roof), Taco Bell has removed all trash cans outside, inviting patrons to throw their trash anywhere they like.  Many patrons dump their trash on City streets.  

So much for being a partner with the Falls Church Community, Taco Bell.  

Unsuspecting Patron Enters Taco Bell

Now!  New and Improved!  With Handle!

"I'd like Meal Number 4, Hot Bullets Doritos Locos"

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