Saturday, August 30, 2014

Falls Church City Comment Box: #520 (Oldie). No Feedback For You!

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Date Submitted:12/31/2012 10:51:15 AM
Status:Closed (1/2/2013 12:10:50 PM)
Location (if any):
Details:I appreciate the ability to provide comments and feedback via the CLASS system. I would like to get greater feedback from the system. For instance, to be able to login and see all the cases I've submitted along with their resolution. I often get feedback via emali that my submission was forwarded to the appropriate party but I rarely get any more feedback on it unless I try to find the receipt email with the tracking number and login to see what has happened.
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Date of Update:1/2/2013 12:10:45 PM
Update Type:Message from CFC
Details:Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately with staff limitations, feedback won't necessarily be provided for all submissions.

Note:  This is a freely obtainable matter of public record.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Falls Church City Comment Box: #516 (Oldie). In the dark.

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Date Submitted:12/11/2012 7:53:41 PM
Status:Closed (12/12/2012 9:32:47 AM)
Location (if any):Cavalier Trail Park Tennis Court
Details:My wife and I walked to Cavalier Trail Park this evening at 7:00pm to play tennis and the lights were off on the courts. The lights on the basketball court were on. We typically don't get home from work until six. Please ensure the tennis lights are on later. Thanks, James
Submission Updates
Date of Update:12/12/2012 9:32:39 AM
Update Type:Message from CFC
Details:Thank you for your submission. The lights at the Cavalier Park tennis and basketball courts are controlled individually. The on and off control for the tennis court lights is on the post by the gate where you enter the courts. If there is someone waiting to play tennis after you, do not turn the lights off as it will take 25 minutes for the lights to come back on. If someone does not turn off the lights, they will stay on until 10:15 p.m.

Note:  This is a freely obtainable matter of public record.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hubcap Street Art Demolished in Arlington / East Falls Church

Hope you caught the display we reported in March.  The I-66 widening project has since wiped it out.   

Back then:

Washington Boulevard (at 27th St., N.)

The reticent artist, who goes by the single name, Flaco, told us, "Art is, by its very nature, fleeting and ephemeral, like life.  They are as one."

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Falls Church Utility Pole Beautification Project

Residents of Dorchester Road, with the cooperation of the Public Works Department, have been making that street a miniature Avenue of the Americas.

All 50 state flags are available, as are all four branches of the US armed services.  If you want just a simple US flag, that is also allowable, but the neighbors look down on that as being "insufficient flair."

Risking the neighbors' wrath with just one flag.

This resident doubles up on American flags.  One on the porch; one on the pole.  Just to be safe.
"Welcome to Dorchester Rd., where our utility poles are the most patriotic in the metro area."
Contact the Falls Church Public Works Department here to get your flag(s).