Saturday, November 14, 2015

Benton Moves to Protect Tom Clinton, Rehabilitate Phil Duncan

After Phil Duncan won re-election -- barely -- to the Falls Church City Council, Nick Benton moved quickly just a week later to print a favorable fluff piece on him and Democratic Commissioner of the Revenue Tom Clinton.  Both officials, along with Benton, are friends of convicted serial child molester Michael Gardner and are unrepentant in using their elective offices to bully the judicial branch into granting Gardner leniency in sentencing.

Clinton and Duncan are portrayed in the article as ostensibly doing a good deed in cleaning up political signage, but as the article points out, many candidates like to pick up their own signs and save roughly $8 a pop when they run for re-election.  You can see below that Clinton is preventing several candidates, among them -- just by coincidence, we are sure -- Duncan's political enemies, from realizing that savings. 

Next week in the News-Press:  Phil Duncan adopts a kitty from a shelter for abused animals.  "It's the right thing to do," says Duncan. 

Photo credit:  Falls Church News-Press

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