Friday, January 1, 2016

Fairfax Times Aiding Anti-Abortion Protestors' False Narrative

The 22 December 2015 edition of the Fairfax Times picked up a non-story fed by anti-abortion protestors, which purports to portray Falls Church Police as anti-constitutional Nazis.

The original non-story took the form of an indignant press release to a biased media outlet that hopes its inflammatory postings will get picked up by more reputable media and eventually make the way to places such as Fox News.  The original posting is here at "Christian News Wire."

What's lost in all of this -- which is exactly the intent of the anti-abortionistas -- are the following facts:
  • Women have a right to legal medical procedures in this Commonwealth.  Screaming "Christian" music -- or any other high-volume racket -- at them in violation of noise ordinances is illegal.  Period.
  • This is not a case of religious freedom, and the officer was clear about that, and it's recorded in video.  The lawbreakers gloss over the fact that the officer was polite and went above and beyond by holding out the ordinance for inspection.  In fact, the exact ordinance was highlighted for them.  (When was the last time you ever demanded a cop show you the legal code on the spot?  These people did, and they got shamed for it.)
  • Residents of Falls Church -- regardless of whether they have business at that clinic or not -- have a right to walk on that public sidewalk unmolested by noisy lawbreakers.  
The video bears out that the Police did well in this instance.

Kudos to the Falls Church Police for doing their jobs with professionalism and dignity in the face of the ugliness and disrespect of the so-called "Christians."

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