Saturday, January 2, 2016

Falls Church's Disgraceful Welcome Mat, Part 1

Behold, the main entry to the City from the south.  As you can see, Fairfax County has graciously provided new concrete up to the City line.  From there, as you enter Falls Church you get to trudge through mud, muck, and vegetation overgrowth.

The concrete belongs to Fairfax County.  The City of Falls Church begins at the dirt trail.  

And a warm welcome it is!

This is, by the way, the poorest part of the city. Houses are for sale in the $300,000s, according to, which makes them, by definition, teardowns.  Falls Church is, after all, this country's second-wealthiest county-size demographic area.  But the small neighborhood surrounding this sign is poor and underserved.  In practice, this means that the folks who live in these surrounding blocks are more likely to need a sidewalk, rather than the rich white folks who drive by in their luxury cars.

The neighborhood City Hall would prefer to forget.
The City can do better than this.  Growing the City isn't all about building monuments to developers.

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