Saturday, January 9, 2016

Falls Church's Monument to White Developers at Tinner Hill

The City of Falls Church has a long record of whitewashing its history when it comes to race relations.  The City prides itself on its schools, and it downplays that the main reason behind its modern founding in 1948 was to better "control" its school system, meaning racial segregation.

Many years later, the City got on the PC train and belatedly recognized the long struggle the NAACP had fought in the area.  The City found a few feet at the grubby corner of a car dealership to put up a monument at Tinner Hill.  

Tinner Hill Monument at the former Saab dealership (Credit:  City of Falls Church)

Egged on by Falls Church Chamber of Commerce shill Nicholas Benton and his Falls Church News-Press, the City has continued nonetheless to "gentrify" and push out nonwhite undesirables, stomping even on the City's own so-called monument to Tinner Hill.  Benton claims to be color blind to this and says it's all about keeping taxes low.

It's just coincidence that the new Reserve at Tinner Hill multi-story mixed use development is in the same downtrodden part of town that City has been neglecting -- until white developers stand to profit.  

As you can see below, the Tinner Hill Monument is but a speck compared to the real monument here.  

Can't see it, right?

Look closer.  It's in that tiny wood crate.

As usual, when something seedy is going on in City politics, Councilor Phil Duncan is pretty close by.  Here's his take on the situation:

Notice how Duncan even doesn't even try to code what a "discerning" shopper is:  it's rich white people.  Behold, the new monument at Tinner Hill.

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