Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Phil Duncan Finally Appears in Public after Gardner Molestation Controversy

Falls Church City Council member Phil Duncan reappeared in public recently after a long hiatus.  He had been laying slow since the controversy stirred by his strong support of and advocacy for convicted serial child molester Michael Gardner during 2013-15.  

Duncan has been relying on Gardner pal Nicholas Benton, the "Owner-Editor" of the Falls Church News-Press, who has unabashedly vowed to "rehabilitate" Duncan.  Benton featured him prominently in the December 31, 2015 issue of his paper, as if to imply that Duncan is no longer a social and political pariah.  He is, however, so radioactive that no other politician would get near him, and he's in fact pictured with an Arlingtonian.  

Duncan took no chances in his first outing.  He appeared at the friendly crowd of Friends of Nick and Michael at the FCNP's annual holiday party (catered by longtime advertiser Ledo's Pizza).  

Duncan (left) chats with News-Press Contributor Charlie Clark.  (Credit:  FCNP)
If Duncan wants to retain his seat, he'll have to do more than go to Benton's family gatherings or stay home and stroke his kittens.  He'll need to speak to real voters, many of whom still have "We Support the Girls" signs in their yards.  Yes, they're aimed at Duncan and Benton's other BFFs.

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