Sunday, November 1, 2015

Falls Church Council Member Phil Duncan Ousted at Polls; Tom Clinton Next

Voters soundly tossed out Falls Church Council Member Phil Duncan in the City election on Tuesday, November 3rd. Many cited his unapologetic stance in support of convicted child molester Michael Gardner.

Phil Duncan was further done in by his smarmy interview with WUSA, in which he tried to hide behind his cat.  One critic said, "it was if he thought the kitty would humanize him.  Ugh."  Exit polling showed many voters held the sentiment that he "didn't get it."  Numerous citizens with "We Support the Girls" signs in their yards said he was tone deaf when it came to the issue of abuse of women and girls. 

Some 63 percent said that Duncan should have withdrawn from the race. A resounding 87 percent say he should resign immediately. Duncan says he has "technically committed no crime."

City activists have now trained their sights on Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue Thomas Clinton (D). In that same interview on WUSA, Clinton ducked legitimate questions about his judgment and stonewalled on whether it was proper to use his status as an elected official to sway the judicial branch's sentencing of Democratic insider Michael Gardner.

Citizens are overwhelmingly calling for Tom Clinton's resignation too. Clinton has maintained his characteristic silence, relying on Democratic pal and mouthpiece Nicholas F. Benton to slant the news in his favor in the City's only "newspaper of record."

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