Monday, October 26, 2015

Tom Clinton's Letter Supporting Child Molester Michael Gardner

Falls Church City Commissioner of the Revenue Tom Clinton (D.) wrote the letter below (as reported by the Falls Church Post) in support of convicted child molester Michael Gardner.  

It's worrisome whenever an elected official tries to use the weight of his office to sway the judicial branch.  Mr. Clinton makes a point of doing so in the first sentence.  

On the upside, he doesn't try to claim that Gardner was incapable of the crimes (cough, cough, as did Phil Duncan).  So on that count, at least Mr. Clinton is on the right side of history.

The Gardners (Mike and his wife) and Clinton are all unabashedly part of the Falls Church Democratic Party elite.  They circled the wagons and fought to the end.  Their trust was misplaced.  

Now voters need to decide whether their trust in Mr. Clinton is warranted.

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