Saturday, October 24, 2015

Phil Duncan's Letter Supporting Child Molester Michael Gardner

Falls Church City Council Member Phil Duncan wrote the letter below (as reported by the Falls Church Post) in support of convicted child molester Michael Gardner.  

As Mr. Duncan says, he never saw "anything" that could "hint at the possibility that [Gardner] could be capable of the offense for which he was convicted."  

Michael Gardner freely confessed to those crimes -- and others against more children -- later, making clear that Mr. Duncan's judgment was misplaced.

Mr. Duncan is running again for City Council.  Good judgment will certainly be on the minds of many voters as they select among the candidates.


  1. Thank you for posting this The letter deseres the widest possible circulation.

    I must point out that Michael Gardner never admitted to any crime when he entered his plea. He is unrepentant

    1. I agree. Gardner didn't use the actual words to say he committed the crimes, but his plea was an admission of that. He, his family, and his many friends continue to spin it that he didn't do those crimes.