Sunday, September 27, 2015

Falls Church's United Methodist Church and Rent-a-Car

Christ Crossman United Methodist Church, at Washington and Columbia Streets, has found a continuing stream of revenue from its largely unused parking lot.  Previously, it rented out space on the Q.T. to the construction company building the nearby apartments.

Now it's using its ample tax-exempt parking lot as a full-scale satellite facility for the Hertz rental car location down the street.

This is a questionable linkage that deprives Falls Church City taxpayers of a generous stream of revenue.  There is also a notable lack of comment about the financial arrangement on the Church's website.

To get your car, turn left at the church.

Christ Crossman Church and Rental Agency

Longtime residents will recall that this brings to mind Rosslyn's Our Blessed Lady of Exxon, at yet another United Methodist Church.  But that deal was so blatant that it must have been approved by The Powers That Be.  This one in the back lot of a church raises a lot of questions.  There are three parking lots closer to the Hertz office than Christ Crossman, so clearly someone's getting a good financial deal -- and it's not the taxpayers.

Photo credit:  Washington Post

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