Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Painful Decline of the Falls Church Post

Toxicity killed the Falls Church Post.  That blog claims to strive to "embrace broad community values."  In practice, it's a forum for the Post Team to vent bile and rage at the school superintendent and anyone who challenges their views.

Like the Falls Church News-Press, the Post blog allows commenters, even obvious trolls, on their site, the better to bash them, but those who post polite substantive comments disagreeing with their ideas have their comments removed.  I know this because mine were yanked from the Post.  I tend to have that effect.  (No biggie.  This being Amurica, I got my own blog and will spout forth freely.  Commenters, trolls even, are welcome.)

Anyway, as new FCP articles are becoming more infrequent, it's a matter of time before the blog goes the way of the Falls Church Patch, which actually had money behind it.

I find it fun to drive by the Post site every couple of months to see where things stand.  As usual, this month we have a recruited "expert" who authors an article that's deliberately provocative (he says the fine school system adds no "premium" in real estate prices in Falls Church, and he says the financial link has never been studied, at least not to his standards).

Then the commenters pick up on this, totally ignoring whatever it was he said in his long, tendentious post.  He worked for the IMF and the Federal Reserve, so you can imagine how much fun it was to read.

Then we get what we came for:  Linda Neighborgall and Lou Mauro dropping the hositilty and rage bombs at anyone who wanders onto their turf.  Lou, in particular, is an expert at "I've-lived-here-longer-than-you!" and Linda charms us all with her repeated use of "You've-sunk-to-a-new-low!" and variations thereof.

We can do so much better in Falls Church.

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