Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ira Kaylin Uses Illiterate Diatribe To Bash Falls Church City Schools

Making clear that we don't play favorites, we have previously defended Ira Kaylin when attacked by the local media mogul.  But Kaylin's recent illiterate rant about City spending on schools, which he insinuates don't provide enough value for the money, is over the top.

Starting from the top, then, we have an author who is unfamiliar with the English-language idiom sleight of hand.  Perhaps English is his second language, but the highly pedigreed lawyers who comprise the Falls Church Post also seem unaware.  Guess there's no spell check on their software?

Despite having served with former Mayor Nader Baroukh on the Council, Kaylin repeatedly is unable to spell his name correctly.  One wonders if he's doing it intentionally for less than noble reasons.
Who is this man next to me?

Malapropisms abound.  Rather than vise grip we get:

Hmm.  Does a city rely too heavily on sin taxes when it's in a "vice grip"?

Clearly, the author did not take the time to re-read before hitting publish, which makes one wonder just how accurate the numbers are.  
The "City Mangers" proposal is aimed at ensuring babies sleep safe when there's no room at the inn. 

Asleep at the wheel.

Problems of logic abound, too.

Setting aside the issue of whatever a "four loan" is, in the case cited, you'd actually get a better interest rate.  What you don't want to do is to take out a 10-year loan on a bus you hold ten years -- the interest paid would be enormous. 
What makes Kaylin's post particularly insufferable is when a buddy chimes in and basically accuses the Falls Church school system of failing to educate our children.  To wit:

No point in commenting about this on the FCP website.  You'd just get Linda N. screaming at you in full caps with exclamation points, and then they'd perhaps finally proofread and fix Kaylin's article, as it should have been done the first time, and then your comment gets deleted.  That's how they roll.

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