Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Falls Church City Comment Box: #672. We're even more special on Gundry Drive

Date Submitted:1/23/2014 8:59:39 PM
Status:Closed (1/24/2014 10:50:02 AM)
Location (if any):Gundry Dr.; W Annandale Rd
Details:Significant portions of Gundry Dr. and W Annandale have 1/2"-1" of packed snow and ice. They could use some additional plowing. Thank you!
Submission Updates
Date of Update:1/24/2014 10:49:57 AM
Update Type:Message from CFC
Details:Thank you for your submission. It has been forwarded to Public Works for their information and response.

Note:  This is a freely obtainable matter of public record.

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