Thursday, May 22, 2014

Falls Church City Comment Box: #675. Worst plowing in 44 years.

Date Submitted:1/24/2014 2:38:20 PM
Status:Closed (1/24/2014 5:28:37 PM)
Location (if any):[Redacted] W Rosemary Lane
Details:I have loved living in Falls Church City these past 44 years. We have so of which to be proud, among which is a responsive City Hall. I dislike complaining, especially when it is about the same issue. That being said, I think our city snow plow crew does a substandard job. We live on Rosemary Lane, but I have driven all over the city and surrounding Fairfax County streets and can report that plowing is poorly done. This snow, for the first time, we parked both cars in the driveway. (We recently had the drive blacktopped so were able to do that. The plow just goes down the middle of the street so that there is much snow left several or more feet from the curb. Our part of Rosemary is pretty much bare at this point in the center, but this is not so on other FC streets. We have been lucky to not have to deal with this for several years of little snowfall, but here we are back to the same complaint. BTW, please don't excuse the drivers because cars are parked along the streets. The opposite side of Rosemary has almost no cars parked on the street, and it isn't plowed completely either. Thanks for reading.
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